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Pre-registration is the dating site for Disney fans who want that same magic in their relationship. If you want to find YOUR Mickey or Minnie, join us.

For those who don’t live near a Disney Park, can still be for you… There are fans everywhere who want to find someone who shares their passion for Disney. So, create your profile and share the site with your friends, family and co-workers to help spread the word.

Pre-registration will be opening soon… but, rather than using fake profiles like other dating sites, we only want real people here. That means we want to pre-register people so that on opening day there are other Disney fans to connect with right away.

Everyone who pre-registers will get a FREE paid membership for the first 3 months!

These are just a few questions here to get things started. Once launches, there will be more profile questions you can answer about your Disney passion that will help others find you – and will help us match you with others.

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