MouseMingle’s mission is to give people a happy place to connect with others who share the same passions for Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel. Fans come to MouseMingle to showcase their personalities and to make a meaningful connection with others who want to share that same magic with someone else who loves and appreciates the same things. The conversations and connections made on MouseMingle are so that people can develop friendships and relationships that are worthwhile, cheerful, and special.

We want people to feel safe when using MouseMingle. For that reason, we’ve developed the community standards below. These policies will help you and others understand what is allowed on MouseMingle, and what kinds of content should be reported, and what we will remove. In some cases, we may allow some content, after reviewing it with our trusted advisors. We wholeheartedly believe in personal choice, personal responsibility, common decency, and our own rights as a business. With that in mind, please be aware that while you or your friends may believe that something should be allowed or is acceptable in your personal community, we may not agree, and reserve the right to remove it from the site.

Keeping You As Safe As We Can

We will remove personally identifiable information (PII) in publicly accessible profiles, disable profiles, and we’ll work with law enforcement when we believe there’s risk of physical violence or direct threats. Abusive or threatening comments are taken seriously, so that we may do our best to make people feel safe when using MouseMingle.

Personal Information

By joining MouseMingle, you agree keep your personal information, such as email address, social media contact information, phone numbers, and physical addresses, etc., out of public view. Sharing your personal information within private messages to another user is completely acceptable, but you assume full responsibility for sharing your own information. We work very hard to help keep your profile safe.

Reporting PII or other Abuse

The MouseMingle community is global, and grows every day. That means we need your help. If you see photos, profile information, or anything on MouseMingle’s websites or social media accounts that you think should not be publicly visible, please let us know. On the main MouseMingle website – – it’s easiest to using the “Report” feature that is available on all profiles, photos, and photo comments on the site. We have people dedicated to reviewing these reports.

Reporting content does not guarantee that we’ll remove it, but we’ll take it seriously and we will review it.

Often, we will simply remove the offending content, with no warning or notification to the user. If they continue to share content that violates our standards, we usually warn the user that their profile may be suspended and blocked for further use.