Family gatherings can  be extra intimidating when you’re single, but that’s no reason to miss out on the fun! Follow these simple rules and you’ll be  sure to not only survive Thanksgiving dinner, but you may actually enjoy it!

Remember, YOU are in the driver’s seat!

Remember, YOU are in the driver’s seat! -

One of the best parts about being single for the holidays is that you aren’t tied down to the commitments of spending your day with any one group of people. You have the option of accepting only the invites YOU really want to attend. Choose to spend the day with family or choose to spend it with friends, either way, don’t assume you’re being invited out of pity… Thanksgiving is not a couples-only holiday!

Also, you literally are “in the driver’s seat” so you can choose to come and go as you please. Always be polite, but if you start to feel uncomfortable, out of place, or just want to go home and watch your favorite Disney movie, you’re more than welcome to excuse yourself.

“Let it go!” -“Let it go!”

“It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me I’m free!”

Try to remember that being single for the holidays is not the worst thing in the world. Relax and enjoy yourself – you’re among loved ones! This is the time to let your true colors shine and to remind yourself that YOU are enough, everyone else already knows you are, so trust it!

Offer to help - MouseMingle.comOffer to help

There are no obligations or expectations set for you when you are flying solo, so embrace the meaning behind the holiday and give back. Help out in the kitchen or donate your time to those less fortunate, no matter how your offer your help, it will be appreciated!

“Be Prepared” -“Be Prepared”

Scar may not have been the nicest uncle or brother in the world, but he made a great point. Always be prepared for those questions that may come your way from well-meaning family and friends.

“Celebrate you!”

“Celebrate you!” - MouseMingle.comAbove all else, remember to celebrate you and all your accomplishments. You have a lot to be grateful for this year, so spend a little time this holiday season to take inventory all that you DO have. Romance will come, in the meantime…

It’s the time of your life
You don’t wanna miss out on right here and right now
There’s so many reasons why you don’t wanna stop
Here’s your chance, live it up
In everything you do celebrate you