First impressions count, and it’s amazing what a difference a great photo can make. You may not have the luxury of your own fairy godmother, but with the magic of photography, you can make your inner prince or princess shine. With a few quick tips, you can have a profile photo that will let the world know you are here and ready to MouseMingle!

Photo, Photo, on My Wall...Show Me Please, Who YOU Are - MouseMingle.comPhoto, Photo, on My Wall…
Show Me Please, Who YOU Are

I think we can all agree that Mickey Mouse is one dapper dude, and we LOVE that he’s your favorite character, but your fellow Disney lovers are more interested in seeing YOUR smiling face. Use Mickey as your inspiration – he’s a natural at taking the perfect photo. Just look at that smile, perfectly framed, and showing off who he truly is.

Recent Photo - MouseMingle.comRecent Photo

Which leads us to our next tip, keep it current. We want to see a photo that honestly reflects who YOU are. It’s fine if your photo is a few months out of date, but try to keep under a year old. Your main goal is to make sure that your date will be able to recognize you when you meet in person. No one likes to feel that they’ve been the victim of a bait and switch, so be upfront and honest about your age, your body type, size, and sense of style. Everyone’s Mickey or Minnie is out there – let them find the real you!

The Window to your Soul: Show Your Eyes

The Window to your Soul: Show Your Eyes - MouseMingle.comSure, a pair of sunglasses can make a statement, but eyes are very important to potential suitors, so leave the shades out of your main profile picture. It’s also important that you don’t hide those pretty eyes behind a squint. When a photo is the first thing people see of your profile, let your personality shine – welcoming eyes will take you far.

NNo Group Photos - MouseMingle.como Group Photos

Don’t leave your potential caballero or dama wondering which of those “Three Caballeros” you are – remember YOU are the star of this show! Don’t be tempted to try to trick people into contacting you, when they really hope to meet your buddy. In the long run, it’s just a waste of everyone’s time. Be confident in who you are, YOU are the one that will be that special someone’s “happily ever after.”

The More the Merrier - MouseMingle.comThe More the Merrier

While it’s very important to be the shining star of your main profile picture, it is always best to add a number of photos to your photo album. This is your opportunity to show off the many sides of your personality, and also where you might want to add pics of yourself in a group setting or with a friend to show that you’re a sociable and friendly person.

“Smile and Let the World Wonder Why” -“Smile and Let the World Wonder Why”

A smile is always your most attractive feature! You want your photo to convey that you’re welcoming and looking forward to meeting someone new. Don’t force it though, people always know when it’s a fake smile.

Keep it Disney Friendly

Oh how we wish we didn’t have to address this particular subject, but if your photo could ever potentially lead to someone breaking out into a verse of “Put That Thing Back Where it Came from or So Help Me,” you do NOT want it on your profile.

“Fun and Fancy Free” -“Fun and Fancy Free”

Just relax and use photos that show your true self. We’re all Disney fans for a reason, so show off YOUR happy. Candid photos are fine, just make sure you’re the focus of the picture.