People who grew up with Disney, and especially Disney Parks, will always have something in common. That’s part of why Disney is so magical. To find someone who not only shares the same passion for Disney, but also loves the history of Disney Parks, well… that’s magic too. That’s why so many people join – to find someone who loves Disney as much as they do.

Whether you grew up going to Walt’s original Disneyland Park, or exploring the massively huge Walt Disney World, there’s a good chance you have fond memories of attractions from the past. I’d even bet that everyone has a favorite attraction that’s no longer running. Those childhood (and adult) memories give us such happy feelings… and it’s so much better to share those feelings with someone else. So old Disney attractions are a great topic of conversation for anyone who takes the leap to send a message on MouseMingle. There’s sure to be fun stories that lead down a path to shared devotion for our Disney Parks.

Share your love of Disney with someone who loves it as much as you, and you might be on your way to starting your own family to create new memories. It all starts with a wink.

Dave - Founder, MouseMingle
Founder, MouseMingle

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