, the Dating Site for Disney Fans stands apart from other sites with real transparency. In the ever-changing landscape of online dating, finding a site that prioritizes people’s passion for what they love, can feel like navigating through the crowd to the Main Entrance, just after the fireworks end. However, amidst the multi-million dollar dating sites like Tinder and Hinge, one place stands firm in its commitment to real people – MouseMingle. Unlike sites who resort to the deceptive tactics of creating imaginary people on their own platform to seduce people into paying outrageous fees to see “new people in your area,” as the premier dating site for Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel enthusiasts, actively works to rid the site of scammers when they create fake profiles.

Although recent revelations regarding other dating platforms have raised concerns about the the percentage of fake profiles, anyone who has spent time on dating sites already knew there were too many fake profiles. A lawsuit filed recently has just shed light on the issue.

MouseMingle has taken a steadfast stance against the creation of fake profiles. Founded on the principles of honesty and integrity, does our best to ensure that every profile on the site is genuine, fostering an environment where users can interact with faith and trust (no pixie-dust required – but it can’t hurt.)

These standards were in place when MouseMingle first launched, and are rooted in a deep appreciation for Disney’s magic and storytelling. From classic fairy tales to beloved characters, Disney classic has captivated the hearts of millions of people around the world. It’s this shared passion that brings real members together on MouseMingle, forming connections based on their love of that Disney magic, and shared values.

Fake profiles have no place on MouseMingle and we’re committed to maintaining the integrity of the site – with the help of members who flag bad users for fraud, language, and spam. The latest lawsuit is a reminder of the risks associated with all online dating, and the importance of choosing a platform that prioritizes transparency. MouseMingle never has, and never will create fake profiles as a way of getting people to upgrade their profiles.

For those who share a love for all things Disney, offers a beacon of light and magic in the world of online dating. Many members have met, fallen in love, and have even gotten married and started families – and that makes us happier than going to a Disney Park!