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Finding that special someone that loves Disney just as much as you do can be a challenge. Believe me, I know. I’m an avid Disney lover who grew up with a cabinet of Disney VHS tapes and, thankfully, was fortunate enough to have annual family trips to Disney parks. However, when it came to finding my special someone, no one really seemed to understand me – until I found my own Disney fan where the magic really clicked.

My prince charming and I met online. At first it was just like any other online dating chat about the weather, jobs, love of coffee. Neither of us really remember how the subject came up, but the defining moment that we both say changed our perspective on the relationship was when we had a movie quote war from Finding Nemo. Ever since that day, I have found out that dating a Disney fan IS all it’s cracked up to be. What makes these Disney fans worth dating?

Dream Chasers

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If there’s one thing Disney teaches us, it’s that with the help of some Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust, you can achieve anything you set your heart to. Disney lovers of all ages have been taught to dream, and follow their heart. I don’t know about you, but I got tired of dating lost boys. Having someone with ambitions, goals, and dreams will go far in this world. Even if they don’t make it to Neverland, you’ll feel inspired in their presence to follow your own dreams.

Inspired Romantics

Not everyone can take you on a magic carpet ride to faraway places, and that’s okay. Disney fans have had quite a few role models on relationships. Even if your Disney fan isn’t the secret romantic that knows they should take you to a fireworks show for your first kiss, they’ll still have romantic ideas that will surprise you in their own unique ways.Disney Romance | MouseMingle.com

Adventure Lovers

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I’ve never met a Disney fan that didn’t love adventures. Daring sword fights and far off places are just the beginning of your journeys together. Create crazy inventions together, get lost in the woods, and explore castles with giant libraries. You’ll also find adventures together that you once thought you could only read about in books.

Quote Wars

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Some of the absolute favorite moments in my relationship started with quote wars. You don’t have to know every Disney movie by heart, but if you know the basics, the words will find you. It gets even better when you burst out into song about beating the Huns on your journeys and adventures that you make together.

Flaunt ItDisney Bounding | MouseMingle.com

What fun is a Disney love if you don’t get a chance to flaunt what you’ve got? Disney Parks are the perfect place for you and your significant other. You can dress as your favorite Disney couple and get away with it when it’s not even Halloween. You can get your very own Mickey and Minnie ears, or if you’re feeling ambitious, there are even bride and groom ears. Not everyone can host their wedding at Disney, but you can visit the parks on your anniversary and get an anniversary button from Guest Relations – and Cast Members will be congratulating you on your love all day long!

If you have found your Mickey or Minnie, then count your blessings and hold on tight, but if you’re still looking for a fellow Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, or Marvel fan, you already know MouseMingle.com is the place to be. I wish you the best of luck on your relationship voyages, and leave you this reminder… Fish are friends, not food.”

by Gabby Leesman

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